Happiness, The ultimate goal!

As the year draws to a close people often begin to think about the new year ahead. They ponder what the future holds and begin to set resolutions.

They may decide to lose weight, to become financially independent or to learn a new skill. However they are all missing the point, all anyone really wants is to be …HAPPY!

I work with many, many clients that contact me with the purpose of achieving one particular, set goal. Whilst I always honour their dreams and aspirations I also help them to see that any goal is only ever set in the pursuit of happiness.

It doesn’t matter what you wish for, you wish it because you have a belief that getting it will make you feel better. Often it does, well short term at least. Which is why I strongly encourage the use of baby steps.

I help me clients to see that sometimes we are so focused on one goal that we begin to neglect other areas of our lives. Instead of being so focused it can some times help to being committed to improving all areas of life in order to be constantly developing and increase happiness on an ongoing basis.

I help my clients to look at ways in which each area of their life could be improved, from health and finances to family and work. They then commit to one small action per day for each area. This way they are guaranteed a gradual but daily improvement to life. They are constantly feeling that they are getting positive results and having that satisfying sense of achievement.

An example of this could be to spend 10 minutes each day practicing French, to eat one extra portion of veg a day or to cut back on one shop bought coffee in the mornings. Small, simple but easy steps that have a big effect in the long run.

So perhaps this New Year, instead of setting yourself huge resolutions that may become demoralizing when they are not achieved immediately, try setting tiny goals for each and every area of your life and you’ll be surprised at how far you have come by 2018!

Happy New Year x

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