The things we don’t want to do

Sometimes in life we’re faced with tasks or situations which we’d rather have nothing to do with.


It might be having a job that bores you or a gigantic to do list which you’d rather scrunch up and put in the bin.


The way I look on these things is to first decide if I absolutely must do them. What will the consequences be if I don’t? If the consequences are minimal then I might choose to scrap the task and go and do something that feels a little more worthwhile.


For other things the consequences of procrastination will be too high. For example you might not get paid or the work will simply build up. For these tasks I like the idea of chunking. I’ll set myself a very short amount of time to spend on the task and then reward myself afterwards. More often than not the short amount of time doubles or triples as you get lost in the job. The majority of the time it’s the thought of doing the task as opposed to the task itself.


Another approach could be to find ways to make the task a little more enjoyable. When cleaning I put on some upbeat music and prance around the house or sometimes a friend maybe happy to help so you can have a catch up at the same time.


All in all some tasks are not in the least bit enjoyable, my advice just get it over and done with. The longer you leave it the longer it will be on your mind. Completing an unwelcome task can be rubbish but you have the sense of relief when it’s done and it’s no longer looming over you.

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