Challenges and change workshops

I am delighted to announce yet another exciting collaboration for Invisible Orchard Coaching. I will be joining forces to deliver a range of open and In house workshops for individuals and within businesses.

The workshops have been developed in a way to benefit everyone and we are pleased to also be able to adapt them to make them specific to the different needs of businesses and organisations.

Helping yourself through challenges and change

Overall purpose

To provide sole traders and owners and employees of small businesses with a process to help manage personal and business challenges and change more effectively.

Overall outcomes

To enable participants to become more comfortable and able to deal with the challenges and changes they face.

  • To give participants the opportunity to use a process to work through real situations.
  • To try out some tools and techniques to help manage change.
  • To help participants to develop a healthy mindset and see the opportunities that challenge and change brings.

Session 1 – Drivers for challenge or change


To recognise the drivers for your challenge or change and build your vision and approach around it.


  • To recognise and understand the need or reason for your challenge or change.
  • To develop the mindset to succeed and overcome challenges.
  • To build a vision for the outcome you want from your challenge or change.
  • To plan your approach to meeting the challenge or making the change.


Session 2 – Goal setting


To set goals that will enable the successful meeting of the challenges and achievement of the changes needed.


  • To understand how focus can have a significant effect in successfully achieving your goals.
  • To identify the goals that you need to achieve to meet your challenges and make your change a success.
  • To use a framework to set your goals.
  • To think about how you will measure your progress and celebrate your successes.

Session 3 – Taking action, overcoming resistance and building support networks


To get yourself organised, take action to meet your challenges and start to make the change happen. To recognise and overcome resistance in yourself and others and build a network of support.


  • To begin to take action towards meeting your challenges and implementing your change.
  • To recognise and understand the reasons for any resistance to the change and how you can overcome procrastination.
  • To develop ideas to help you feel more comfortable with the change and move on.
  • To identify the type of support you need and identify who can provide that support to meet your challenges and make your change successful.

Session 4 – Keeping on track


To keep your focus on your vision and goals for your challenges and change, build and embed your new habits and behaviours and evaluate your success.


To explore how you can keep on track when meeting your challenges and making your change.

  • To reflect on your progress so far and celebrate successes.
  • To look at any lessons you learned and what you would do differently next time.
  • To answer any outstanding questions from participants.

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