Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

There are times in our lives when we can feel we are not coping quite as well, that things are getting on top of us and negativity from the past is causing problems in the present.

I specialize in helping people to reduce stress, manage anxiety and overcome trauma.


When we are feeling stressed we produce elevated levels of Noradrenaline and Cortisol, in the short term this doesn’t pose much of a threat, however over time it may lead to Adrenal fatigue, poor health and even depression.

I help my clients to develop strategies that work for them to enable them to achieve a calm, relaxed lifestyle. A holistic approach is always taken and all areas of my client’s life are taken into account, prioritizing those that are having the most impact on the way that they are feeling.

I offer my clients an education about the Physical and Psychological nature of stress and anxiety and work with them to change their limiting beliefs and distorted thought patterns.

I help them to make changes to their lifestyle which will reduce the impact of stress and help  them to build resilience when faced with worrying or difficult situations.


We can all experience bouts of anxiety every now and again but for some people it’s something that happens on a regular basis and can have a profound impact on their lives. Some people may begin to avoid certain situations and others may develop compulsions to help them to manage their anxiety.

I help people to take control of their anxious thoughts and enable them to overcome the worries and fears that they may be faced with.


Trauma can be experienced at any time in a person’s life and caused by many different situations. Living with a trauma can impact the way an individual lives their life and the beliefs they have about themselves and the world.

Coaching for Trauma involves a number of therapies depending on my clients needs and how comfortable they are with them. I have helped many people that have suffered trauma in the past including childhood abuse, Post Traumatic stress disorder and bereavement.

One of the most effective ways to treat Trauma is using the Havening Techniques (Amygdala depotentiation technique.) This is a progressive therapy developed by Neuro scientists to permanently deactivate the pathways in the brain that are linked to the trauma, grief, phobia or anxiety.

I enable my clients to work through the negativity in the past and let go of it , fully prepared to move forward with their lives and enjoy the freedom they now have.