About Me …a little more info

Nicky Yassin, Life Coach

Hi there and thanks for taking a look at the site. I hope you found some useful information about myself and the work I do. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch through email, phone or the website.

A little about me:Life Coach Derby

I am a trained and Certified Life Coach with many years experience working in various models of therapy. You will find me warm, non-judgmental and supportive.
I help a diverse range of people to realise their potential and achieve the life they deserve.

I truly believe that we create our worlds through our thoughts and so my work helps people to change their thought processes and focus on the positive things that can help their lives to become rich and fulfilled.

Each session will help you to determine what you really want from life and how you can achieve this, focusing not only on the end goal but also the journey that takes you there.

My clients often report that not only have they over come the barriers they first presented with but have found the strategies and tools they have learned have helped them to improve other areas of their lives as well.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and sessions are tailor made for the individual person to ensure they can make the most of the time they spend with me.

I hold qualifications in Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Havening.

How can I help?

I have worked with hundreds of clients and have an excellent record of success. I have helped my clients to let go of the past and look forward to the rest of their lives with excitement and optimism.

Areas I specialise in include:

Building confidence
Reducing stress and anxiety
Over coming trauma
Change management
Work/life balance
Healthy lifestyle
Personal development
Phobias and fears

Each session will help you to identify any barriers to achieving the goals you want to achieve and being where you want to be in life. We will work at removing these barriers and finding the solutions you need to achieve confidence and happiness.

So if you’re fed up of feeling low , stressed and lacking motivation, wishing you had achieved more, discontented with your lifestyle, or feeling stuck in the past maybe now is a good time to make a change.

If you would like to find out more about how Coaching with me can benefit you then please get in touch.

I work from two offices, One in Long Eaton and one at Fizzio-Fit, Ripley.