Coaching For Teenagers

The teenage years can be a rough ride, especially as the pandemic changed life for most of our young people. Many teens find asking for help difficult and some may not even realise that they could benefit from support.

Mental health issues have been on the rise in adolescents and for many of these young people they could be reduced or avoided by learning strategies to look after themselves and to see life in a more positive light.

Teens can benefit greatly from learning how to make the most of life and to work towards their goals before they reach adulthood. The skills and strategies they learn will continue to be of use to them as they progress through life.

How a Coach can help your teen thrive:

  • Learn to understand and manage anxiety
  • Grow confident and happy
  • Learn to recognise achievements and feel motivated to keep progressing
  • Improve social skills
  • Gain a sense of direction
  • Develop skills to plan, become organised and manage time

Why choose me to work with your teenager:

I have been working with young people since 2005. I’ve worked across Mental health services, the Courts and Education.

I have been involved with various projects including sexual health, substance misuse and enrichment.

My warm, open and down to earth nature allows young people to feel at ease with me and build a trusting relationship.

If you would like to explore Coaching for your teenager than get in touch for an informal chat to see how I may be of help.

I have an enhanced DBS certificate.