Kayleigh Bate, Darcey and Bate Accountants, Ashby de la Zouch: ‘Having spent many years battling with OCD related issues I had accepted that day to day life was going to continue to be a challenge.

Scowling at people for eating with their fingers, refusing to go to dinner with any friends with bad eating manners and having regular panic attacks when people ate things off the floor were a regular occurrence.

Things were becoming increasingly harder for me and stress was becoming a big part of my life. I had been plastering on a smile for so many years that no-one really knew what was going on inside my head.

Having met Nicky I knew I could instantly trust her. I knew that I had to make a change and Nicky was certainly someone I felt I could talk to.

In just a few sessions I reviewed my thoughts, challenged the irrational ones and learnt valuable coping techniques.

I can honestly say that my life is so much easier. The things and people I’ve avoided for years are far less daunting and I’ve even managed to eat from a greasy chip van!’


Sally West Director, West Road Haulage, Burton-on-Trent: ‘Originally we approached Nicola from Invisible Orchard Coaching from a business perspective in order to aid a member of staff transition into a senior management role. Not only did she assist us with that but she also armed other members of staff with skills and techniques to help with stress, time management, conflict resolution and awkward conversations. Over time, we have developed such a relationship with Nicola that the coaching has moved on to a personal level and now Nicola acts as a personal life coach to two of our Directors. We are proud to say that Nicola has helped us develop on multiple levels and has helped us to push our business further. Nicola has facilitated us in a practical way to achieve a better perspective and therefore ease and manage stress. We continue to seek Nicola’s counsel and will do so into the future as we feel that she is helping us to achieve our goals and get beyond our fears. Nicola’s unique selling point is that she has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning many different disciplines and she combines them to suit your wants and needs. We would highly recommend Nicola both from a personal and business perspective as she is equipped to deal with any adversity no matter how small or large.’

Andrea Wilde, Wilde about Tan, Nottingham: ‘Just want to give a massive shout out to Nicky Yassin. To cut a long story short (full length version in my blog: https://wildeaboutblogging.wordpress.com/) I was terrified of flying before seeing her, and this was me and my family before our flight to America last week. We were on the plane for over 8 hours, the take off was particularly bumpy (to the point where I laughed), we had quite a bit of turbulence (agreed by my hubby and son) and NOT ONCE did I panic/cry/have a shaky leg or have to listen to music to distract myself. Actually I just read my book, watched a couple of films and drank some wine. I found the turbulence to be a nuisance as it nearly spilled my wine once ;-). THANK YOU NICKY…..really heart felt thank you xxx’

Helena Tyce, Helena Tyce Designs, Nottingham: ‘Professional, skilled, intuitive and a pleasure to work with. Nicky has virtually transformed not only my business but also my personal life in the past few weeks. For that I am very grateful and would recommend without hesitation.’

J, shop assistant, Derby: ‘Last September I realised my drinking was getting out of hand. While talking to a friend she gave me Nicky’s number. I saw Nicky on three occasions and through havening and talking, I no longer drink or feel the need to drink. I found Nicky very friendly, easy to talk to and very helpful. Meeting Nicky has changed my life for the better! Many thanks Nicky xx’


NS Nottingham.I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicky, she was very easy to talk to, warm, friendly & put me at ease. She was very supportive, let me go at my own pace & had a great range of different techniques & ideas to help me.
I started my journey with extreme anxiety, panic attacks & a lot of buried grief. My world had become very small & I was not in a good place. I was on anti depressants & had had two rounds of CBT courses to no avail.
Working with Nicky has been the best thing I have done, I just wished I’d done it sooner.
Thank you Nicky, I have my life back (with added improvements!).


Mo Grigg, Derby. When I started my coaching sessions with Nicky I hated my career, felt at a complete dead end, on a merrygoround of not knowing what to do or where to go.  I was so very lost.  At that time all I wanted to know was what I should be doing, what career I should be doing (the ‘end goal’) but Nicky kept telling me focus on the ‘next step’ rather than the end goal, a concept that I really couldn’t accept or grasp at first.  Nicky helped to show me how taking each next step was a path to finding that end goal.  Slowly but surely with each coaching session, each step that I took was closer to something I was looking for.  I would never have imaged my end goal to be where I am now, but I’m now loving what I do.  Actually, I don’t see it as an end goal as I feel everything I do is a next step which keeps evolving.
If I hadn’t had worked with Nicky, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  She made me challenge the way I saw, think and said things.  She was honest and supportive but also tough, in the kindest possible way!!
TS Nottingham,I first visited Nicky with a severe toilet anxiety that was getting in the way of my day to day life and stopping me from doing many things. Nicky instantly made me feel very comfortable and welcome from our first meet and after only a few sessions I already started to notice a change for the better! A year later and I have no anxiety at all and have changed my life right around all thanks to Nicky! I can’t believe how much she has helped me to accomplish and I only wish we’d met sooner. I would highly recommend Nicky to anyone, she’s been there for me even out of sessions when I’ve needed someone to talk to and without her I truly believe I’d still be struggling with anxiety. Thank you so much for all your help Nicky, I finally feel I can go anywhere and enjoy everything, without a worried thought crossing my mind! x




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  1. I approached Nicky after going through some very difficult times at work, which was affecting both my professional life and personal life. My self confidence was at all time low. Through a number of sessions and through Nick’s guidance I am now doing things which I never thought possible a year ago. My professional life has changed for the better, and my confidence has soared. As result of this, I now have a very happy professional life and personal life. Nicky was very easy to talk to, which allowed me open up about my own fears and self doubt. I really cannot rate Nicky high enough, and would recommend her without any hesitation, thank you Nicky

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